Effect Handlers for Compilation

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So I wrote a grant. It wasn’t particularly good, and it isn’t likely to get funded, and it got finished in far too little time to be shiny, but it got written. Some day’s that’s all we can ask for. The experience was intense, and amazing, and it yielded some interesting insights and ideas. I’ve decided to reprint the overview here, for those who are interested or otherwise curious.

Modular Compilers using Dependent Effect Handlers

The use of monads and monad transformers for constructing modular programs is now well-established. In this context, a “modular program” is an extensible program constructed from reusable blocks. This technology was first demonstrated and popularized for interpreters, but it has proven difficult to extend this approach to compilers.

Recent advances in combining computational effects using effect handlers, in the implementation of dependent types, and compiler architectures such as the nanopass framework provide new opportunities that we may exploit to design and implement modular composable compilers. Our main objective is to refine this theory and adapt it to write a full compiler for the dependently-typed language, Idris.

Idris is currently implemented in Haskell, providing a number of features, including fully dependent types, type classes, dependent records, pattern matching, a tactic-based theorem prover, and totality checking. We propose to develop a self-hosting compiler for Idris from the type-checker to the executable generator, building the necessary language facilities along the way. Once complete, we will harness the dependent type system of Idris to organize the compiler in a collection of composable and extensible modules that can be used to prove language properties, or to perform aggressive, type-guided optimizations including novel non-standard analyses and transformations related to information-flow and energy consumption.

Wish me luck!

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